Home News Three nominations for Juf-in-a-Box at the Dutch Game Awards

Three nominations for Juf-in-a-Box at the Dutch Game Awards

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24 Nov

By Albert-Jan Pomper on November 24th, 2011

1 in 4 children in primary school has difficulty writing. Slight disturbances in the area of coordination form the basis for a quarter of the referrals to physiotherapy. Juf-in-a-Box is a educative health game and offers an answer to the writing problems within primary education. Juf-in-a-Box is developed in close cooperation with “TNO” and experts in the area of pediatric physiotherapy from “Avans Hogeschool”. Ranj serious games presented the game last month during Games for Health, an international conference on serious games for the health sector.

Juf-in-a-Box approach writing lessons in a playful and educational way. Children play the game under supervision of a teacher. They work with a digital pen on a flat screen which has been built in a traditional school table. Educative games are increasingly common. Research shows the effectiveness of these games. The fact is that children play games with a fanaticism and concentration which would make every teacher jealous. Serious games combine this motivating factor with achieving specific learning goals. Juf-in-a-Box has been developed to be used in primary schools and during physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

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