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Juf-in-a-Box as therapy

How do I use Juf-in-a-Box for therapeutic use?

Juf-in-a-Box can be used by therapists in two ways: Firstly Juf-in-a-Box can be used as a substitute for traditional writing exercises on paper which have to be done under the supervision of the therapist. Because Juf-in-a-Box makes the exercises more fun children want to practice for a longer time and will stay motivated. In addition, Juf-in-a-Box can be deployed next to the regular therapy as an extra exercise for children to practice independently and therefore spend extra Time on Task.

The page with user experiences will give you an impression on how Juf-in-a-Box is being used by therapists.

What is the effect of Juf-in-a-Box?

The first research on the effect of Juf-in-a-Box is in full swing. The results are expected in November 2012. Within this research different groups of children (primary school children and children in physiotherapy) have practiced in Juf-in-a-Box for a couple of weeks. This research is conducted by the “Radboud Universiteit” (Prof. Dr. Ria Nijhuis, Dr. Anneloes Overvelde and Dr. Annemieke Houwink).

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Can I try Juf-in-a-Box?

We regularly attend trade fairs for pediatric physiotherapists and occupational therapists where Juf-in-a-Box is demonstrated. You are also always welcome to try Juf-in-a-Box in our studio in Rotterdam. Do you want to know when the next demonstration is or make an appointment to visit us to try Juf-in-a-Box? Please contact us.

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