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Motor handwriting problems and bad handwriting are common in many children. The figures on this that can be found in literature vary from 5 tot 25% (Hamstra-Bletz, 1993; Smits-Engelsman, 1995; Mojet, 1991). More than 25% of children are in physiotherapy because of motor handwriting problems. Furthermore it is difficult to keep children motivated to practice for a longer period of time using the traditional method. Already after a number of movements children get distracted which affects their Time on Task for good motor imprinting.

Juf-in-a-Box ensures that children spend more time practicing their fine motor skills by delivering the writing lessons in a playful and fun way. The writing exercises within Juf-in-a-Box have been developed in cooperation with professionals in the area of pediatric physiotherapy and are based upon the Neuromotor Task Training method. Within this method there are four components of importance for the learning effectiveness:

1) motor control
2) motor learning
3) Competence, within the attribution style of the child
4) Pedagogical – didactical components

NTT is a task-oriented method which focuses primarily on the execution of the task and not so much on the general motor process behind it, like balance, stability, muscle power or feeling of movement. In addition, the child is actively involved in coming up with a solution. In this way the child better remembers the writing exercise.

In writing education the NTT method distinguishes itself by dissecting every writing movement to the smallest definable part. These smallest definable parts are being trained separately and will be expanded step-by-step to more complex motor ‘chunks’. This means that first the neuromotor writing conditions will be trained, then basic strokes and finally stroke sequences (Smits-Engelsman & van Tuijl, 1999).

Do you want to know more about Juf-in-a-Box as a therapy? Look at the page with information about Juf-in-a-Box as therapy or read more about the game and the underlying methodology.

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