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Juf-in-a-Box at school

Below the answers to frequently asked questions about the use of Juf-in-a-Box at school. Take a look at the page about Juf-in-a-Box to learn more about the game.

What is the role of the teacher?

Although Juf-in-a-Box is a powerful tool for children to work independently on writing exercises the teacher is still plays a very important role. Because children can practice independently the role of the teacher shifts to an accompanying and coaching role. This allows the teacher to spend more time with children who need extra attention.

How does Juf-in-a-Box compare to writing methods?

Juf-in-a-Box focuses on preparatory writing in early primary school and can be used to complement existing writing methods. By using Juf-in-a-Box children spend more time practicing the fine motor skills before they start with writing actual letters. At the moment Juf-in-a-Box doesn’t train writing letters. This can be trained through existing writing methods.

Can Juf-in-a-Box be used by remedial teachers?

Yes. Juf-in-a-Box is very suitable to be used by remedial teachers for children that have problems with their fine motor skills. Especially these children, who are often in early primary school, benefit from extra practice of the fine motor handwriting skills.

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