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1 in 4 primary school pupils has difficulty writing. Problems with fine motor skills are the reason for more than 25% of the children to be referred to a pediatric physiotherapist. Good handwriting skills provide a child with a lifetime advantage. They are fundamentally important for language development, text comprehension and fine motor skills.

Research has shown that, in particular, the time spent on writing is important for a good motor imprint, Time on Task. Traditional writing exercises on paper become boring and monotonous very quickly which makes it difficult to motivate children to spend a lot of time practicing. Juf-in-a-Box makes learning how to write more fun and therefore increases the Time on Task. Juf-in-a-Box is developed to be used in schools by children that start with preparatory handwriting (preschool education) and at the pediatric physiotherapist or remedial teacher by children that have problems with their fine motor skills (first and second grade in primary school).

Is your child starting to learn how to write in school and would you want them to do this in a fun way? Inform the school of your child about Juf-in-a-Box using the share-buttons at the bottom of this page. Or read more about Juf-in-a-Box.

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