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First results of Juf-in-a-Box feasibility study

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04 Dec

In May 2012 we distributed the first 10 Juf-in-a-Box systems. Pediatric physiotherapists, occupational therapists and schools participated in the feasability study and have tested how Juf-in-a-Box can be used in practice and off course what could be improved in the game!

Together with the participants and Radboud University we have looked whether children understood the instructions and what level of coaching is needed. The feedback in the game was also evaluated and some features for further research were implemented. Based on all these experience some major improvements have already been implemented in the game, making Juf-in-a-Box better fit the day-to-day use.

The first results of the feasibility study show that Juf-in-a-Box works: children like the game and just keep practicing! Teachers of the schools that participated think it is a good solution for additional writing training. And it seems that there is also a (measureable) improvement of the motor writing skills, but additional research is first needed to be able to do reliable statements about this.

The main lesson of the feasilibilty study was that further research was not something that could be done in our spare time. Fortunately the dutch Child stamps foundation was willing to provide the funds needed to do a pilot study with 60 new children on school and in the pediatric physiotherapy practice to the effect of Juf-in-a-Box. This research will start at the beginning of 2013 and first publications are expected in summer 2013.

If you want to know more about the experience of the participants, please have a look at the testimonials page. Any questions about the research? Feel free to contact us.

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