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The Monster Zoo

In the game the player is the boss of the ‘Monster Zoo’, a zoo where different types of monsters live. The player has to take good care of the monsters and does this by performing the writing exercises. The Cuckoodoodle for example needs her eyelashes to be brushed regularly and the vain Lookalot wants to have eyeshadow and jewelry. But the player also has to give the environment in the game a helping hand by planting explosive Boom-bulbs and watering Splash-plants.

The Gnatty-nitpicker

This aquatic monster has a huge mouth with baleens to catch insects. To catch as many insects as possible its head is very big compared to its body. Every day, before the crack of dawn, whole groups of Gnatty-nitpickers run through fields of grass with their mouths wide open to catch the insects that hide there. The baleens make sure that (just like the baleens in whales) the hunted food can enter their mouths easily but once inside cannot escape anymore.
It is the players task to draw baleens in the mouth of the Gnatty-nitpicker, removing the barnacles of its skin and to give it back its fins by drawing slants. Slants are the smallest units for writing and therefore the building blocks of letters. That is why these exercises focus on improving the accuracy of writing slants.

The Cuckoodoodle

The Cuckoodoodle is a birdlike creature with two enormous eyes and it is one of the most vain creatures of the Monster Zoo. When its appearance isn’t spotless this rare birdlike monster is unbearable. Its eyelashes in particular are a very touchy subject. Every morning its eyelashes are totally disheveled and because the Cuckoodoodle can’t reach them itself it needs the players help to comb its eyelashes into beautiful curves again.
It is the players task to comb the eyelashes in the right curve to ensure the happiness of the Cuckoodoodles so that they show themselves to the visitors of the Monster Zoo. The player combs eyelashes by writing forward curves upward and downward. That is why these exercises focus on improving the accuracy of writing forward curves.

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