"1 in 4 children in primary school has difficulty with reading & writing"
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Juf-in-a-Box, makes writing more fun

Traditional writing excercises on paper become boring and monotonous very quickly which makes it difficult to motivate children to spend a lot of time practising. Research has shown that, in particular, the time spent on writing is important for a good motoric imprint. How do we ensure that children spend a lot of time practicing their fine motor skills necessary for writing? By making it fun of course!

Juf-in-a-Box is an educational game which delivers writing lessons in a playful and educational way. The game is based upon the scientifically proven NTT-method (Neuromotor Task Training) which is used by many children's physiotherapists. Juf-in-a-Box is made for children from 4 to 7 years old with or without writing problems. Read more about Juf-in-a-Box.

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"We see that children are very enthusiastic and work a lot longer on boring writing exercises." - Hester Schoch, occupational therapist at Viareva
"Look, she is showing me how to do it!" - Sem


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Juf-in-a-Box European Innovative Games Award Nominee Juf-in-a-Box nominated for European Innovative Games Award We are proud to announce that Juf-in-a-Box is one of the three nominees for the European Innovative Games Award 2012 in the category ‘Innovative Application Methods’. After winning the Games for Health Award in 2011 Juf-in-a-Box is again in the Read more
haalbaarheidsstudie thumb First results of Juf-in-a-Box feasibility study In May 2012 we distributed the first 10 Juf-in-a-Box systems. Pediatric physiotherapists, occupational therapists and schools participated in the feasability study and have tested how Juf-in-a-Box can be used in practice and off course what could be improved in the Read more

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